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Welcome to DePerp – your portal to perpetual trading efficiency, designed with you in mind. Because in the end, it's not about overcoming barriers; it's about removing them altogether.

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APY for Stablecoins USDC & USDT
Maker/Taker Fee for non crypto
Gas fees with AA
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A Single DEX for All Your Trading Needs

CEX-like experience

The protocol has been meticulously engineered to deliver a swift, efficient, and secure trading experience, mirroring the familiarity and ease of centralized exchanges. It uniquely offers self-custodial management, allowing traders to seamlessly log in using their email or social networks. With the innovative implementation of Account Abstraction, users can engage in trading activities without the burden of gas fees, ensuring rapid order execution.

Self-custody Api

DePerp Labs introduces an independent API and self-custody service. This feature allows direct interaction with the DePerp protocol and seamless integration with platforms like TradingView. It's a game-changer for automated trading, leveraging alerts and advanced analytics.

Building on the best decentralized stack

In the creation of the Deperp Protocol, we utilized state-of-the-art programming languages, libraries, and protocols, ensuring top-notch reliability and performance. This protocol is built on the cutting-edge Base Layer 2, a platform designed to facilitate decentralized applications in harnessing the extensive range of Coinbase's products and widespread distribution network. Base Layer 2 is underpinned by the proven layer-2 technology, OPstack. Expanding our technological horizon, Deperp Labs is excited to announce the launch of DelaChain, a new layer-2 solution also based on OPstack. DelaChain is distinct in its focus on bridging  DeFi and TradeFi, specifically targeting the Asian market. Additionally, we ensure the integrity of our price feeds through a partnership with the esteemed on-chain provider, Pyth Network. We also leverage account abstractions developed in collaboration with our partner, Biconomy, to further enhance the user experience.

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