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Gaining from Life Ups and Downs

Trade onchain like a pro

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Onchain trading engine

Your orders are executed on the blockchain using advanced smart-contracts at Layer-2 speeds and confirmed on the Ethereum network.

Efficiently liquidity, PnL matching

Unprofitable traders compensate profitable ones, while insurance pools provide additional protection, earning fees and mitigating unclaimed losses.

Strong Leverage

Trade with leverage ranging from 2x to 100x, covering crypto, forex, and metals with low fees.

Easy onboarding

We make non-custodial wallet management effortless. Create wallets using email or Apple login, manage assets with smart accounts, and avoid gas fees.

Oracle driven

No centralized order book. Prices for order execution come from a decentralized network of oracle from hundreds of providers with low latency.


Trade using a game-like interface, mine coins, and receive extra rewards alongside your trading activities.

Quick trade execution

In the Lite mode, all you need to do is deposit funds and choose your leverage. Take-profit is automatically set at +3% with automatic profit calculation.

Deep trade settings

Have full control over all parameters. Choose order types, set take-profit and stop-loss simultaneously with opening a position. Also, switch directions within your position.

Crypto, Forex, Metals

More than 60 markets available for trading with multi-collateral. Choose from Crypto, Forex, Metals, as well as the collateral asset from which you open positions.